Circle Launches Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol for USDC Stablecoin

24.1.2023 | 06:54 | Read article

• Circle is preparing to launch a permissionless protocol for letting users transfer their stablecoins between blockchains. • The Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) will help…

Coinbase Partners with German Soccer Club Borussia Dortmund!

23.1.2023 | 05:37 | Read article

• Coinbase has entered into a new agreement with German Soccer Club Borussia Dortmund, making them the Premium Partner of the Bundesliga club until the…

BNB Coin Investors: Binance Poised to Lead Crypto Market in 2023

19.1.2023 | 07:02 | Read article

Bullet Points: • Binance is facing multiple obstacles in the outlook for 2023, yet has some unique advantages. • BNB Coin is the native token…

CoinFLEX Launches New Exchange GTX to Take on Crypto Bankruptcy Cases

18.1.2023 | 10:01 | Read article

• CoinFLEX leadership wanted to give the crypto market another shot with the launch of their new exchange, GTX. • The tentative exchange would specialize…

Michael Saylor Sees Bitcoin Becoming Global Store of Value by 2031

16.1.2023 | 08:32 | Read article

• Michael Saylor, the co-founder and executive chairman of American business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, has shared his thoughts on what will happen to bitcoin (BTC)…

Launch Your Web 3 Startup with Beacon: $250K Support & $8M Valuation

11.1.2023 | 03:44 | Read article

• Sandeep Nailwal has recently unveiled the first 13 companies to participate in his startup accelerator, Beacon. • Each company will receive $250,000 in support…

DeFi: Despite Crypto Winter, Signs of Hope for the Revolution Ahead

11.1.2023 | 03:43 | Read article

• Decentralized finance (DeFi) promised financial services with blockchain and cryptocurrency features, but the investors from the 2022 DeFi bubble are still waiting for their…

Bud Spencers „Buddy haut den Lukas“ – Marsch in die Stadt

27.7.2020 | 20:54 | Read article

Bin ich sentimental oder geht es anderen auch so?

Bitcoin-risikoadjustierte Renditen schlagen Gold, Aktien nach jeder Halbierung

22.1.2020 | 11:26 | Read article

Bitcoin ( BTC ) übertrifft bedeutende Vermögenswerte wie Gold, Immobilien und Aktien, wenn ein Investor es nur vier Jahre lang hält, bestätigen beliebte Date. Der erfahrene Kryptograf Nick…

Antihype auf Geld

17.12.2019 | 22:46 | Read article

Dieser Artikel wird Ihnen von einem russischen Telegrammkanal „Antihype on money“, einem analytischen Kanal über alle wirtschaftlichen Hype-Trends und deren Auslöser, vorgestellt. Was mit Bitcoin…