MetaCene Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming: Successful MMORPG Alpha Test


• MetaCene is revolutionizing the blockchain gaming industry with its AAA inspired next-gen MMORPG.
• Players have recently finished their Alpha Test in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dynamic gameplay, blockchain integration, and deep community engagement.
• During the Alpha Test, players explored diverse NFTs to craft a new civilization in 3 zones: Origins of Clouds, Birdcry Town, and Sky Metropolis.

MetaCene Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming

The blockchain gaming industry is undergoing a transformation and leading this charge is MetaCene , a pioneering AAA-inspired next-gen MMORPG incubated and published by MixMarvel. Building on its foundational strengths—dynamic gameplay, blockchain integration, and deep community engagement—MetaCene has wrapped up its immersive Alpha Test. A post-apocalyptic society, where survivors leverage diverse NFTs to craft a new civilization, emerged as the testing ground for innovative game dynamics and community-driven experiences. As players embarked on this journey from July 31st to August 7th, 2023, the gaming community awaited feedback and insights on this groundbreaking experience.

Exploring The MetaCene Universe

The Alpha Test’s landscapes, namely the Origins of Clouds, Birdcry Town, and Sky Metropolis unveiled a tapestry of lore, challenges, and technological wonders. Each zone was rich in narrative design that presented players with unique opportunities for exploration interaction and accomplishment. The Origins of Clouds offered visually stunning entry into MetaCene’s universe while Sky Metropolis stood as beacon of future digital societies Participants were met with potent blend of Player vs Environment PVE interactions as prominent features during Alpha phase test emphasized weighty combat system featuring intelligent AI opponents multiple weapons systems looting crafting system rewards alongside ability form alliances clan warfare social activities events both large scale small scale variety content explorations missions etc

Dynamic Gameplay Features

The highly anticipated battle between man machine was revealed during the Alpha Test which pitted brave warriors against powerful robots built by mysterious forces in order to take control over resources world This feature introduced robust character customization options upgrades itemization combat mechanics balancing loot drops etc showcasing evolution within game Over course week long test there were numerous other features showcased such weapon crafting building construction technology tree exploration resource gathering faction warfare open field PvP trading mission achievements leaderboards tournaments guild activities etc creating immersive experience that captivated testers worldwide

Community Engagement

Given MetaCene’s commitment towards engaging its global gaming community numerous competitions events were held across all channels including Telegram Discord Twitter Reddit YouTube Twitch Instagram Facebook These events rewarded participants tokens prizes gadgets hackathons livestreaming sessions exclusive skins special items etc further immersing them into universe Alongside these events plenty unique interactive engagements also took place including live Q&A session chats exclusive interviews AMA polls discussions streaming esports competitions draw your own art competitions etc enabling developers team share knowledge receive valuable feedback data points from their players


In conclusion MetaCene’s highly successful Alpha Test set stage for future development plans which include more dynamic content optimizations improved UI UX social elements better gameplay balance updates additional features overall improvements showcase cutting edge technologies It marks just beginning as developers continue pushing boundaries what possible through blockchain gaming ushering new era possibilities